About Us

For too many families around the world quality surgical care is not an option. 2 billion people lack access to any kind of surgery and billions more lack access to safe, well-timed and effective surgery. It is estimated that only 4% of the world’s surgeries each year go to the poorest third of the population. Global health thought leaders and policy makers are increasingly recognizing the role that safe surgery should have in resource-limited environments. This increased awareness will heighten government and institutional interest in making surgery available around the world.

Why the Center for Safety in Global Surgery

The Center for Safety in Global Surgery is an Operation Smile initiative designed to engage individuals and institutions who are working to improve surgical capacity in resource-limited environments, and together with those stakeholders:

  • Assess the state of quality surgical care
  • Establish and incubate quality assurance programs within other institutions
  • Identify areas for capacity development
  • Build strategic roadmaps for increasing surgical capacity in volume and quality

Operation Smile, in alignment with the World Health Organization, believes that the delivery of safe surgical care should be an essential health service accessible to all individuals, regardless of location or income level. For more than 30 years Operation Smile has been a leader in the movement to increase access to safe surgery, and has established Global Standards of Care with supporting policies, procedures and guidelines.

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